The First and only Lasermagic by the LASERMAN Of The Philippines: JB Dela Cruz

What is Lasermagic show?

  • Discover a world of high technology, music, creativity, magic and science fiction!
  • A truly magical illusion! Witness live the blades of laser light that are hand manipulated with a combination of 3D volumetric effects!
  • Watch the laws of physics defied when Laserman “JB Dela Cruz” actually “holds” a beam of light in his hands, split it into two, bend them and spin them around like a light sabre sword!
  • Beams are stretched into blades of light by hand
  • Encompassing “Laserman” in cones of light!
  • Twisted in a futuristic atmosphere!
  • As an addition to the high impact “Lasermagic” performance your Logo or message can be revealed during the finale of the act

IDEAL for :

  • Hotel Events
  • Corporate events, Sales Meetings, Conferences
  • Amusement parks
  • Trade shows and Product Launches
  • Awards Night
  • Private parties
  • Campus and University events
  • Kids Birthday Parties
  • Mall shows
  • Worldwide Travel Available
  • TV/ Media Shows