So many things to think about and to prepare… and yes! I’m married!!! Happy that finally God has given me a very beautiful and loving wife. Me and my wife Tina were so happy that it was such a beautiful wedding and Praise God for that! … Now I have to go back to work and prepare for my next performance.



For the 2nd week I decided to carry the screen name “LASERMAN”. I created a new laser dance program that took me 3 days to finish and almost 2 weeks of practice. I choose to have a new type of “Latin dance music “.

I’m happy that John Lapuz appreciate it. Happy to see Lucy Torres-Gomez as the new judge. Director Joey Reyes also gave me some good advice that I will remember till the end of this contest. I met new talented friends from this episode, the dance duo were really amazing and fun to watch!



It was a very special episode because my wife Tina was there watching me perform live. Thank you to the staff of Talentadong pinoy for the nice VTR of our wedding. This week # 2 episode was really special for me.


I’m thankful God allowed me to win the 2nd time!  Week 3# !…and now I am feeling the pressure!:)


Check out the video link at



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